Virtual Robotics with Ozobot

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5-6 years
Fees png Course fees cover 8 sessions over 2 months
Private course

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/ 2 months
Program Description
Robotics is one of the most exciting and important fields of the 21st century. Also, learning about robots can help you link the digital world of coding to the physical world around you. However, you do not need physical robots to learn all about what they can do and how to code them! As a matter of fact, you can use a virtual Ozobot robot. The Ozobot robot is a small programmable robot that can detect colors and follow directions depending on the paths created by users. In this course, you will use a block-based coding language to code your robot and make it move on your screen in a 2D environment. You will also learn about the different types of robots we can find in real-life.
Learning Outcomes
  • lo en Learn about how robots work and where they are used in real—life
  • lo en Control a robot in a virtual environment using a block—based coding language
  • lo en Develop sequential thinking skills by making the robot trace a predetermined path
  • lo en Understand and use loops to make code shorter and more efficient
  • lo en Improve problem—solving and debugging skills
Course fees cover:
  • lo check 8 hours of live online sessions with Geek Express Certified Trainers
  • lo check Geek Express certification accredited by & KHDA Dubai
  • lo check Final project development
  • lo check Digital portfolio access with automatic attendance and progress reporting
  • lo check Access to Geek Express app
Private or Group?
Upon booking the course, you can choose between private or group sessions. Private courses start immediately after you book, at the time and date of your choice. Group classes start directly after 3 students register for the course (Maximum waiting time: 2 weeks)