Geek Express

Hacking + AR Coding

White Camp Workshops

5 Days
Beirut, Lebanon

Date & Time:
Feb 25 - Mar 1
10:00-1:30 pm

$ 200/ student

Course Description

Hackers use their skills to evaluate the security and identify vulnerabilities in systems and networks and a VR content developer position is one of the highest paid jobs around the world! In this course, participants will first learn the fundamentals of and the elements of operating systems by running commands and programs using a secured shell which an interface between the user and the operating system, then they will learn how to design and code a virtual environment and an augmented reality scene. Students will understand the importance of VR as an immersive experience and augmented reality as an interactive experience. 

Learning Objectives
Learning about the details of computer systems and discovering the methodology adopted by actual ethical hackers in information systems.
Learning about the technical concepts of a webpage.
Learning the basic concept of a computer language using JavaScript.
Acquiring an overview of programming syntax and coding fundamentals as a prerequisite for advanced programming languages.
Learning how to create an immersive VR model.
Learning how to create an interactive augmented reality scene with the merge cube.
Learning how to acquire data, model it in 3D and visualize it in VR and AR.
Learning essential coding concepts (loops, functions, and conditional statements).