Geek Express

Coding with Music + Movie Special Effect Design

White Camp Workshops

5 Days
Beirut, Lebanon

Date & Time:
Feb 25 - Mar 1
10:00-1:30 pm

$ 200/ student

Course Description

Albert Einstein once said that “the greatest scientists are artists as well”. So, combining music and movies with coding is natural and beneficial. The aim is for students to learn fundamental coding concepts such as loops, conditionals, variables and many others by creating music through code. Furthermore, students can also learn about the major components of music. Then, students are instructed in the basics creating movie special effects and the course ends with a short film project. 

Learning Objectives   

Learning how to shoot and edit images and videos.
Adding special effects to make the movie more expressive and interesting.
Collaborating for a real film making experience.
Learning the fundamentals of coding including conditionals, loops and randomization.
Learning the fundamentals of music composition including the concepts of notes, chords, melodies, base lines, and beat .
Adding effects and use parameters to change the way notes sound.
Thinking creatively about coding in general.