Geek Express

Electronics + Robotics

White Camp Workshops

5 Days
Beirut, Lebanon

Date & Time:
Feb 25 - Mar 1
10:00-1:30 pm

$ 200/ student

Course Description

Students will learn how to think outside the box and design gadgets to customize their lifestyle, while learning the fundamentals of electronics engineering (sensor reading, motor operation etc.). Afterwards, students will build a simple robot with simple mechanism. Then, they will navigate the robot by giving it directional and motion instructions. Through story-based projects, students will learn fundamental coding concepts related to sequential thinking, conditionals and functions. 

Learning Objectives   

Learning how to create cool gadgets like an alarm for a secret box using electronics.
Acquiring critical thinking skills by challenging minds to create a solution to common problems. 
Acquiring a solid knowledge of electronics fundamentals such as sensor reading, triggering outputs and energy transmission.
Building simple mechanisms to complete various tasks.
Controlling a physical object through a sequence of coding blocks.
Learning to think sequentially to solve challenges.
Learning the programming concepts of functions, conditionals and loops.
Learning how to optimize code.