Coding with Music
Beirut, Lebanon
May 07 - Jun 11, Thursday Thr: 4:30-6:00 PM
May 09 - Jun 13, Saturday Sat: 10:00-11:30 AM
$200 / student
Course Description
Albert Einstein once said that “the greatest scientists are artists as well”. So, combining music and coding is natural and beneficial. In fact, it was shown that out of adults that have completed a coding boot camp, musicians were the members that received the largest salary increase.The aim of the course is for students to learn fundamental coding concepts such as loops, conditionals, variables, delay and many others by creating music through code. Furthermore, students can also learn about the major components of music and how music is written and start writing their own melodies quickly without having to buy and learn a physical instrument
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn the fundamentals of coding including conditionals, loops and randomization
  • Learn the fundamentals of music composition including the concepts of notes, chords, melodies, base lines, and beat
  • To make sounds by typing text into Sonic Pi
  • Use randomization within a composition
  • Change sounds by using different synths and samples
  • Add effects and use parameters to change the way notes sound
  • Play two tunes at the same time using threads
  • Think creatively about coding in general
  • Identify the parallels between music and coding