Time to get a MAKERBOX!
Published : Jul 30, 2019
We’re gonna get straight to the point here!
GEEK EXPRESS is introducing a fun and innovative MAKERBOX! What is that you ask ? It couldn’t have had a better name as it means a box that you make. Well not exactly, to understand the MAKERBOX, you need to first know about the maker movement; a movement that occurred to allow everyone to enrich their problem solving skills by building cool inventions. The maker movement started in 2005 with the launch of MAKE magazine and gathered increasing momentum in time. It allows makers to explore innovative technologies in fields such as engineering, hardware technology, and education.

The MAKERBOX is a DIY (do it yourself) kit, it is the representation of personal fabrication through a box that contains tools and guidelines. It is a unique invention you could buy for your child at a very affordable price.Thank you maker movement!

So let’s think about it that way the GEEK EXPRESS team combined innovation, critical thinking, and STEM characteristics  in the MAKERBOX with a purpose of inspiring the children into becoming creators instead of passive users.

Has the MAKERBOX peaked your attention enough?

Well what if we told you that it only takes one subscription for us to ring your doorbell every month and provide you with a new fun and challenging engineering product? What if we also told you that that this same product is for everyone? Children aged 8+, teens and adults can all enjoy cool tech gadget that teach you concepts related to electricity, circuitry, mechanical systems, motion, and hydraulics.

The MAKERBOX is more than just a simple invention,  it is a way of opening our children’s eyes to the world’s rapid technological developments.
So let’s start this Journey with our very own WIRE GAME!

Bann Haidar.

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