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Novice Game Developer Level 1

Microsoft accredited trainers
Semi-private course

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/ 12 sessions
2 students / teacher

Private course

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/ 12 sessions
1 student / teacher
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Program description
Game Development refers to the process of designing, developing, and sharing a video game. With the astonishing success of games like Minecraft or Fortnite, game development has become one of the most promising fields in the world of software development. It is also a great introduction to the world of coding and its importance in our everyday lives. In the first course of this track, you will learn how to code your own games on CodeSpark, a platform that has been used by 20 million students in over 200 countries. You will use code to control the behavior of characters and make them interact with each other. You will also use code to create in-game elements such as coins, powerups, and obstacles. At the end of the course, you will have a collection of games that you can share with friends and family!
Learning outcomes
  • lo en Understand fundamental coding concepts such as sequencing, loops, conditionals
  • lo en Use code to control a video game character
  • lo en Learn the four main concepts of game development
  • lo en Practice game development using CodeSpark
  • lo en Improve problem solving and creative thinking skills
Course fees cover
  • lo check 12 hours of live online sessions with Geek Express Certified Trainers
  • lo check Geek Express certification
  • lo check Final project development
  • lo check Digital portfolio access with automatic attendance and progress reporting
  • lo check Qualify to top international coding competitions
Private or Semi-private?
Upon booking the course, you can choose between private or semi-private sessions. Private courses start immediately after you book, at the time and date of your choice. Semi-private classes start directly after 2 students register for the course (Maximum waiting time: 2 weeks)