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Scratch Expert Level 1

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/ 12 sessions
2 students / teacher

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1 student / teacher
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Program description
Do you want to code your own video game but don’t know where to start? Start from here! Build your own video games using Scratch, a platform developed and maintained by MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a block-based programming language that is used by more than 60 million users in 150 different countries. In the first course of this track, you will code and share video games with bright visuals and engaging designs. Also, you will learn how to use the basic principles of programming like loops, if-statements, event triggers, and message broadcasts to code complete video games.
Learning outcomes
  • lo en Learn about and apply fundamental computer science concepts such as loops, if—statements, event triggers, and message broadcasts
  • lo en Use and apply computer science concepts to create complete video games from beginning to end
  • lo en Apply the principles of good game design
  • lo en Manage and use game assets such as characters, backdrops, and sounds
Course fees cover
  • lo check 12 hours of live online sessions with Geek Express Certified Trainers
  • lo check Geek Express certification
  • lo check Final project development
  • lo check Digital portfolio access with automatic attendance and progress reporting
  • lo check Qualify to top international coding competitions
Private or Semi-private?
Upon booking the course, you can choose between private or semi-private sessions. Private courses start immediately after you book, at the time and date of your choice. Semi-private classes start directly after 2 students register for the course (Maximum waiting time: 2 weeks)