“I'm Not Interested in Science and Technology” is No Longer an Option!

Published: May 5, 2020
“I'm Not Interested in Science and Technology” is No Longer an Option!
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There is no doubt that from one day to the other, the world is shifting and changing at a very fast pace.

Some state that human beings as conscious (not very intelligent) creatures were finally able to expedite the Darwinian’s biological evolution changing the world as we know it in a matter of years rather than decades or millenniums.

If we follow Moore’s law stating that computers’ speed and power will double every 18 months, we can scientifically prove that technical degrees (that take 4 years) are actually worthless from a technical perspective because by the time you are mid-way in your major, what you have learnt will be obsolete!

This all attests to the speed of the unstoppable technological advancement happening in the world.

On the other hand, humans face problems such as food and energy shortage, environment decay and pandemic spreads. We are racing into the destruction of our planet and contrary to parasites and computer viruses (which we have a lot in common with), we do not have another place to live in (Mars Rover, we’re counting on you!).

We live in a world that is technology driven and ever changing. The short-term future is paralleled with existential problems that threaten the life of everybody we know and care about. The question is: what role can we play in all of this?

We have 2 options: we either keep saying that we are not interested in Science and Technology and leave these subjects to the experts (whoever they might be) or we join the game and have an active role in saving the world.

I am not advocating for a world full of engineers and scientists; that would be awfully dull. But we, as a people, need to be informed enough to have a say in matters like DNA cloning, AI weaponry laws, colonizing space and alternative meat.

By being passive about Science and Technology, you are allowing a handful of people in the world to decide your future, the future of everyone you care about and life on earth in general!

I am writing this article while we have a pandemic turning our world upside down, a pandemic which numerous “scientists” warned us about, and existing AI solutions that would’ve been able to detect it. No it wasn’t a conspiracy, simply not enough people were interested in Science!

In the words of the amazing Bill Nye: “There’s nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in Science and Engineering for a better tomorrow, for all humankind”

~Rayan Najdi, COO

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