The Geek Express Experience: The Future of Edu-Tech for Students

Published: January 1, 2019
The Geek Express Experience: The Future of Edu-Tech for Students
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If you’re a parent concerned with whom your child is going to be in the world and how she/he will get there, you should consider integrating her/him with technology at an early stage. 
Who is Geek Express?
It is a platform for STEAM education that is unshakably dedicated to fostering a range of essential tech skills. Those skills are critical for kids and adolescents to keep up with a rapidly evolving job market. 
What Does This Academy Offer?
It offers daily workshops to K-12 students, which include (but are not limited to!) VR & Drones Coding, Engineering, Robotics, Machine/Video Game Design, AI, IoT, Data Science, Electronics & Logical Thinking, App/Web/3D Game Development. The academy’s R&D team is focused on continuously expanding and updating their curriculums in line with the changing market requirements. 
Geek’s project-based Approach 
According to research done by The Autodesk Foundation, project-based learning is associated with better learning results, as well as significant improvement in student motivation and drive. Geek abides by a project-based approach when relaying its teachings to kids and teens. Students can work at their own pace and produce their own creations with the help of their instructors, who’ve been selected based on their tech background and educational skills. The style of education followed keeps the teacher-to-student ratio appropriately low and gives students the freedom and autonomy to be able to strengthen their own skills, avoiding systematic instructions and short-lived approval. 
Now, for this Edu-tech hub’s highlight of offerings: Your kids’ very own digital portfolio. Students are urged to save their work after every workshop and add it to a compilation of their personal set of projects. This guarantees that they develop, polish and officiate their very own digital portfolios, which they can use for any future endeavors; be it getting certified or applying to universities. 
Geek Express’ Values
The essence of this academy lies in providing kids and teenagers with a sense of growth and responsibility. Students are surrounded by a strong support system and an empowering community, inspiring them to become innovative versions of themselves.
Geek Express attempts to help bring out the techie in everyone. It doesn’t only guide students through their quest to build individualized inventions; it also aims to help them build character. 
“Our environment is a fun and dynamic zone, which is refreshing compared to the usual perception of generic educational systems”  
-The Geek Express Team

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